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Have you just begun a USask graduate program? Whether you did your undergrad here, or elsewhere, your academic life has just changed significantly. Come to this workshop to discuss ways to thrive in grad school.

Wednesday Sept. 11, 2019 9:30-10:20 am

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A graduate syllabus has extensive reading resources. In this workshop we will look at how you can get the information needed from the sources in the limited time allotted.

Tuesday Sept. 10, 2019 5-5:50 pm
Tuesday Sept. 24, 2019 2:30-3:20 pm
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Graduate students present in a number of different arenas, such as classes, seminars, and conferences. In this workshop, we will discuss how to give a good graduate-level presentation, no matter the context!

Thursday Sept. 26, 2019 2:30-3:20 pm
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Finish your program in a timely fashion. In this workshop, we will discuss how you can break down your program into parts so that the individual parts are manageable.

Saturday Sept. 21, 2019 10-10:50 am
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Preparing for Comprehensive or Competency Exams can be daunting. In this workshop, we will discuss how you can use your time and your skills wisely. We will examine scheduling strategies and study techniques.

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Even if you procrastinated during your undergrad, the overwhelm of graduate school can lead to task avoidance, such as meeting with supervisors or finishing papers. We will discuss the roots of graduate-level procrastination and what you can do to combat it.

Saturday Oct. 5, 2019 12:30-1:20 pm
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Many students feel as though they don’t belong in graduate school. They may feel as though they aren't good enough, scholarly enough, or dedicated enough. In this workshop, we will examine the reasons for these feelings and how to deal with them. Personal stories can be shared, but there will be no expectation that participants have to share their feelings on the matter.

Saturday Nov. 2, 2019 2:30-3:20 pm
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