ICT has a wiki with information about getting started with Zoom. They also have a Knowledge Base of items to help with troubleshooting. The initial step is often missed.  You must go to myprofile.usask.ca and opt-in to set up your USask Zoom account.

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You can't log into Zoom immediately

There is an automatic delay when setting up your USask Zoom account. It’s important to set up your account well in advance of the first time you want to use your account.

 ict zoom warning

You won’t get notified when your account is ready to use. Instead wait a few hours before trying to log in again.

Logging into your Desktop and Mobile App for the first time

Connect Zoom to the USask Zoom network. First enter your NSID@usask.ca (abc123@usask.ca) email address. Do not use @mail.usask.ca or firstname.lastname@usask.ca as you will receive an error message.

Then click on SSO.

Zoom login desktop

Enter usask-ca

URL for Zoom


Similarly, you type usask-ca in the mobile app

zoom mobile sign in

Add Zoom meetings to your calendar

When you receive an email from Zoom about a meeting, workshop or event, save the calendar file to add the session to your electronic calendar. You can set reminders for yourself and even join the meeting from a link in your calendar. If you are new to using electronic calendars, please view our videos on how to save them and use them.

When it is time to join the Zoom call, you can also click on the blue button in the email.  If Zoom requires you to log in, be sure to use your nsid@usask.ca (abc123@usask.ca).

join zoom meeting email