Tell Us: Loud Eating in the Library

Everyone has their own preference for noise levels, and their own study styles.

Tell Us: Law Library Hours

Dear Law Library, I just heard the library will be closed over the long weekend...

Tell Us: "Making a Ruckus" in the Library

I had a disappointing interaction with a library staff member earlier this week.

Tell Us: A Place to Study

With the semester coming to an end I think students need to be reminded or understand that other students come to libraries as QUIET spaces to study.

Tell Us: Alumni Computers in Murray

Who can use the alumni computers in the Murray Library?

Tell Us: Scanning Multiple Pages in the Library

Why can't I compile multiple pages into a single document on the library scanner-copiers?

Tell Us: Can I Charge My Cell Phone in the Library?

Is there any chance that the library could get phone chargers? I don’t want to study at home, but I need my phone!

Tell Us: Noisy Law Library Study Rooms

The law library study room has absolutely ZERO sound absorbing capacity and it is very hard to study if you are sitting anywhere close to the room and people are talking inside it.

Tell Us: Where Did the Beds in Murray Go?

Over the past few years, the 'beds' tucked into several women’s washrooms have been removed. The latest removal was in the first floor washroom of the Murray Library.

Tell Us: Can Alumni Use Computers in the Library?

Why can't alumni log in to all of the computers in the library?

Tell Us: How Do I Search For Theses?

I have trouble finding theses & dissertations on the library website. Most of my questions are about finding non- U of S theses.

Tell Us: Why aren't there more plug-ins in the Health Sciences Library?

I love the Health Sciences Library – the great views, the amount of natural light, the open space

Tell Us: Yearly Renewal for Alumni Access

Is coming to the library the only way to update my Alumni membership?