1933 Sheaf hypes 'rugby' game between Huskies and 'mighty' Regina Roughriders

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On Campus News, 17 November 1995

For you football fans out there, here is an except from the 5 October 1933 Football Issue' of The Sheaf. The University of Saskatchewan's rugby team played in the regular schedule of the Saskatchewan Rugby Union. The Huskies finished third in the league which was won by the Regina Roughriders.

"The biggest football spectacle of the 1933 season to which Saskatoon fans will be treated is billed for Cairns Field on Saturday, at 2:30 p.m., when the mighty Regina Roughriders perennial monarchs of Western Canadian football, clash with the Varsity Huskies.

In the four games in which the two great rivals have met, the Huskies gained one victory compared to the mighty red and black squad's three wins.

This season, however, with most of their old players retired, the Riders are more or less an uncertain quantity. The backfield composed of Harrison, De Frate, Roseborough, Young and McGillvary, compares favorably with last season's half line, but the front line, long the juggernaut's pride is for the most part made up of R.C.M.P. officers, big and willing, but lacking in experience.

On the other hand, the Green and White have a backfield which is generally rated as the best balanced in the history of the school, big and fast with plenty of experience. In Kells, Pete Graham, Davies, K. Graham, Salter, Coach Phillips has five great plungers who can be relied upon for three yards on every play. Kells beside plunging, runs and passes, teaming with Logan and the long kicking ace, Dempster, to give a half line powerful offensively and defensively. The Huskies' line is a shade taller and heavier with a lot more experience than the front wall which so held the Riders last season. Led by Captain Larry Hegan are six linemen over 190. The rest all touch 180."

The Riders, "the Red and Black juggernaut", scored a double victory over the Huskies in the weekend's double header, 6-0 and 7-4. It was reported the following week that the second win came as the result of a "lucky break" for the Riders who had been dominated by the Huskies throughout.

Patrick Hayes