Convocation Awards

This is an incomplete list of convocation awards presented from 1912 to 2008. It is not being updated and is not comprehensive. The list of Rhodes Scholars is known to be incomplete. 

A more complete record of convocation award winners is available in convocation programs and early calendars available at University Archives and Special CollectionsRecent convocation programs are available online from the USask Students website. 

Name Convocation date Award Discipline
Adam James Sarty University Prize Engineering
Adam James Sarty President's Medal
Adriaan Cornelis de Hoog Rhodes Scholarship
Alan Edward Williamson University Silver Medal Agriculture
Alan Ross Casey University Medal Science
Alastair John MacFadden University Medal Social Sciences
Albert Leigh Cutler University Silver Medal Pharmacy
Alexander Stuart Middleton University Prize Engineering
Ali Mary Norman University Medal Humanities
Allan David Ferchuk University Prize Physical Education
Alpesh Arvind Patel Governor General's Silver Medal
Alvin Gary Rice University Silver Medal Agriculture; first year
Alvin Gary Rice University Silver Medal Agriculture; second year
Andree Michelle Blais University Medal Arts
Andrej Vasilevich Hnatov President's Medal
Andrew James Ford University Medal Fine Arts
Andrew Munro Smith University Silver Medal Agriculture
Andrew Wafik Aziz Wassef President's Medal
Angela Donna Tanzell University Prize Nursing
Angela Nora Hauser University Prize Nursing
Angela Renee Baerwald Governor General's Gold Medal
Anita Grace Sallans University Gold Medal household science
Anne Bruay Flavell University Silver Medal Arts
Anne Elizabeth Blatz University Prize Nursing
Anne Kathleen Dzus President's Medal
Antonet Tonya Kaye President's Medal
Antonet Tonya Kaye University Prize Arts
Archibald John Grace University Gold Medal general course
Archibald John Grace University Silver Medal Arts
Archibald John Grace Rhodes Scholarship
Arlene Faye Sojonky University Prize Arts
Arthur Cyril Bunce Governor General's Gold Medal
Arthur Wakabayashi Governor General's Gold Medal
Arthur William Wood Governor General's Gold Medal
Asha Varadharajan Governor General's Gold Medal
Barbara Ann Becker University Prize Music
Barbara Jean Steen University Prize Nursing
Barbara Judith Deviaene University Prize Science
Barbara Lynne Roberts University Prize Physical Education
Barry Lewis Remai Governor General's Gold Medal
Bernadine Agnes Hoeschen Governor General's Gold Medal
Beverly Marie Towstiak Governor General's Gold Medal
Blair Olaf Backman University Silver Medal Agriculture; second year
Blair Olaf Backman University Silver Medal Agriculture; first year
Blake Paul Winslow Governor General's Silver Medal
Brenda Ann Jones University Prize Physical Education
Brett Mel Fischer University Medal Social Sciences
Brett Thomas Fairbairn Governor General's Gold Medal
Brian Douglas MacLean University Prize Arts
Brian Douglas MacLean President's Medal