World War II University of Saskatchewan Contingent

This record of students and alumni who served during World War II was transcribed from cards held in the University of Saskatchewan Contingent of the Canadian Officers Training Corps (COTC) collection. The information has not been checked against other sources and errors and omissions are possible. Contact us to report an error or omission and we would be happy to investigate. 

Name College Degree or Certificate Notes
Abbott, Arthur Engin
Abram, A.F. Law LLB 1942
Acorn, I.M. Arts, Comm BA 1941
Adams, Arthur Comm
Adams, J.
Adams, L.F. Arts
Adilman, B.M Arts
Agnew, Arthur Engin BE 1940
Agnew, W.V. Arts BA 1924
Aitcheson, G.H. Arts
Aitchison, J.H. Arts, Educ BA 1928, certificate Educ 1929
Akehurst, A.J. Engin BE 1937
Akehurst, E.L. Engin BE 1941
Alexander, Frederick Law LLB 1929
Alexander, J.L. Arts, Educ BA 1934, BEd 1939
Alexander, Lawrence Arts BA 1921
Alexander, Margaret Arts, Med BSc 1937, certificate Med 1938

married name Gentles

Allan, George Arts BSc 1939
Allan, Robert Arts BA 1940
Alldred, P.M. Agro
Allen, Elmer Engin
Allen, R.B. Engin, Arts BSc 1936
Amy, H.T. Engin
Anderson, A.L. Arts BA 1917
Anderson, Beatrice Home Ec BHSc 1931
Anderson, Bruce Engin BE 1932
Anderson, C.G. Agro
Anderson, D. Tracey Agro BSA 1943
Anderson, Erling Arts BSc 1932, MSc 1934
Anderson, F. Arts
Anderson, George BSc 1928
Anderson, H.
Anderson, H.J. Arts, Med BSc 1928
Anderson, J.A. Agro AA 1931
Anderson, J.T.
Anderson, L.J. Agro BSc 1942
Anderson, O.M. Agro BSA 1939, MSc 1941
Anderson, R.
Andrews, C.H. Arts BA 1919
Androcowics, R.M. Agro BSA 1943
Anstenson, O.H.
Appleby, A.J. Agro, Arts BA 1941
Appleby, S.V. Arts BA 1940
Archer, A.J.
Archibald, D.M. Engin
Archibald, John Arts, Comm BAcc 1938
Archibald, Raymond Arts, Law BA 1940, LLB 1942
Argue, Olive Home Ec BHSc 1932 ?

Mrs. C.G. Wilson

Armbruster, E. Engin BE 1941
Armit, J.C. Arts, Med BSc 1934, certificate Med 1934