List of the chancellors of the University of Saskatchewan.

Portrait of Edward Wetmore
Edward L. Wetmore, 1910. (University Archives photograph, A-2843)

Honourable Edward L. Wetmore, Chief Justice of Saskatchewan, was elected as the first Chancellor of the University of Saskatchewan in 1907, and re-elected in 1910 and 1913.

Portrait of Frederick W.G. Haultain
Frederick W.G. Haultain (University Archives photograph, A-2712)

Frederick William Gordon Haultain was the Chief Justice of Saskatchewan and former Premier of the Northwest Territories. His cincerary urn with a bronze plaque lie behind the Memorial Gates which were dedicated during his term of office.

Portrait of P.E. MacKenzie
P.E. MacKenzie (University Archives photograph, A-2639)

P.E. MacKenzie was a barrister, judge, former Chairman of the Board of Governors, and a former lecturer in the College of Law. His sudden illness and death occurred in May 1946.

Portrait of Donald Maclean
Donald Maclean (University Archives photograph, A-2734)

Donald Maclean was a judge, former Chairman of the Board of Governors, and an original member (a lecturer until 1923) of the faculty of Law. He died in office in July 1947.

Portrait of F.H. Auld
F.H. Auld (University Archives photograph, A-3158)

F.H. Auld was the first Director of Extension at the University of Saskatchewan (1910-1912), and a former Deputy Minister of Agriculture for the Government of Saskatchewan.

Portrait of E.M. Culliton
E.M. Culliton (University Archives photograph, A-2686)

E.M. Culliton was Chief Justice of Saskatchewan, former Chairman of the Board of Governors, and a former provincial cabinet minister.

Portrait of John G. Diefenbaker
John G. Diefenbaker (University Archives photograph, A-5119)

John G. Diefenbaker was a lawyer, Member of Parliament (first elected in 1940), and a former Prime Minister (1957-1963). He died in August 1979, a year into his fourth term as Chancellor and three months after being re-elected as MP for Prince Albert. He and his wife Olive are buried on the University of Saskatchewan campus, near the Diefenbaker Canada Centre which holds his personal papers and related collections.

Portrait of Emmett Hall
Emmett M. Hall, Government of Saskatchewan photo (University Archives photograph, A-10325)
Emmett Hall was a former Chief Justice of the Queen's Bench Court for Saskatchewan and member of the Supreme Court of Canada; and Chairman of the Royal Commission on Health Services which led to the establishment of the national medicare system. His papers are held in the University of Saskatchewan Archives.
Portrait of Sylvia Fedoruk
Portrait of Sylvia Fedoruk (University Archives photograph, A-5138)
Sylvia Fedoruk was a Professor of Oncology and on staff at the Saskatoon Cancer Clinic, and previously a member of the Cobalt-60 research team. She was appointed Lieutenant-Governor of Saskatchewan in 1988. Her papers are held in the University of Saskatchewan Archives.
Portrait of Ted Turner
E.K. (Ted) Turner (Convocation program)

E.K. Turner was President of the Saskatchewan Wheat Pool from 1969 to 1987. In 1995 he recieved an honorary Doctor of Laws from the University of Saskatchewan and was invested as a Member of the Saskatchewan Order of Merit.

Portrait of Peggy McKercher
Peggy McKercher (University Archives photo, A-12038)

Peggy McKercher has a B.A. from the University of Saskatchewan and is a former faculty member and student athlete, active in municipal politics and community service. She was invested into the Order of Canada in 1995.

Portrait of Thomas Molloy
Thomas Molloy (Convocation program, Spring 2007)

W. Thomas Molloy recieved a B.A. and LLB from USask and worked as a lawyer and treaty negotiator. He was also the 22nd Lieutenant Governor of Saskatchewan, but served for just over a year before dying in office in 2019.

Portrait of Vera Pezer
Vera Pezer (Convocation program, Fall 2007)

Vera Pezer has been the Assistant Dean for the College of Arts and Science, and the Associate Vice-President Student Affairs at the University of Saskatchewan. An active volunteer and accomplished athlete, Dr. Pezer has served as Chair of the 1989 Jeux Canada Games Foundation, Director of the 1991 Scott Tournament of Hearts, and Ceremonies Chair of the 1989 Brier. She is a four-time Canadian ladies' curling champion, a Canadian softball champion, two-time member of the Saskatchewan senior women's golf team, and a honoured member of both the Saskatchewan Sports Halls of Fame and Canadian Curling Hall of Fame. She also received the University of Saskatchewan Alumni Award of Achievement in 2002 and the Saskatchewan Centennial Medal in 2006.

Portrait of Blaine Favel
Blaine C. Favel (Image from Favel's Johnson Shoyoma faculty page)
Blaine C. Favel holds an LLB from Queens University and an MBA from Harvard Business School. He was Chief of the Poundmaker Cree Nation and served as Grand Chief of the Federation of Saskatchewan Indian Nations. As Chief he led the development of the First Nations Bank of Canada and the Saskatchewan Indian Gaming Authority. Favel was also a senior diplomat as the Counsellor on International Indigenous Issues with the Canadian Department of Foreign Affairs and International Trade, served as a special advisor to the Assembly of First Nations National Chief Phil Fontaine, and was a panellist on the Indian Residential Schools Truth and Reconciliation Commission.
Portrait of Roy Romanow
Roy Romanow, 1998 (University Archives photo, A-8708)

Roy Romanow was the 12th Premier of Saskatchewan, from 1991-2001. He has also held many other political and government offices such as Leader of the Opposition, Attorney General of Saskatchewan, Provincial Secretary of Saskatchewan. In 2003 he was made an Officer of the Order of Canada and awarded the Saskatchewan Order of Merit.

Portrait of Grit McCreath
Grit McCreath (Photographer: David Stobbe)

Grit McCreath is an alumni of the University of Saskatchewan and has served the USask community as a member of the University Senate and the Board of Governors. She recieved the Saskatchewan Order of Merit in 2019.