Senior Administrative Officers

Some of the senior administrative positions held during the history of the university include registrar, university secretary, associate vice-president of financial services and controller, and associate vice-president of student affairs. This is not a comprehensive list but tracks the evolution of positions from some of the older original positions held at the university.

Date Name
1909-1914 Duncan P. McColl
1914-1951 Archibald R. Weir
1951-1968 Norman K. Cram
1968-1987 J.A. Dorgan
1987-2001 Ken M. Smith
2001-2002 Lea Pennock (acting)
2009- Russell Isinger
Date Name
1968-1974 J.A.E. Bardwell
1974-1984 Norman K. Cram
1984-2000 R. Iain Maclean
2000-2005 Gordon Barnhart
2005-2013 Lea Pennock
2013-2017 Elizabeth Williamson
2017-2019 Beth Bilson
2019- Chelsea Willness
Dates Bursar
1912-1915 J. Eadon Reaney
1915-1920 J. Neilson (acting)
1920-1928 J. Neilson
1928-1956 D.J. Graham
1956-1957 J.A. Pringle
Dates Controller
1957-1976 J.A. Pringle
1976-1985 M.G. Sheppard
Dates Associate Vice-President (Administration) and Controller
1985-1994 M.G. Sheppard
Dates Associate Vice-President (Finance and Administration) and Controller
1994-1995 M.G. Sheppard
1995-1996 Laura Kennedy
Dates Assistant Vice-President (Financial Services) and Controller
1996-1998 Laura Kennedy
Dates Associate Vice-President (Financial Services) and Controller
1998-2014 Laura Kennedy
2014-2016 Jeff Dumba

Date Associate Vice-President (Student Enrolment Services)
2002-2011 David Hannah
Date Associate Vice-President (Student Affairs)
2011-2014 David Hannah