Balfour W. Currie: The Second International Polar Year

...is an exhibition which documents the work done by Balfour W. Currie and Frank T. Davies during the Second International Polar Year (1932-1933).

Balfour Currie and Frank Davies worked together at Chesterfield Inlet during the Second International Polar Year (1932-1933). Their records and data analysis from that period were of primary importance in shaping future research in aurora borealis and upper atmospheric studies.

This digital project documents that year at Chesterfield Inlet, largely through Currie and Davies' own words, with photographs taken by them, and through sample documents and research data.

This site was created in 2002 and was curated by Cheryl Avery using documents from the Departments of Physics fonds, Institute for Northern Studies fonds, Walter Kupsch fonds, and J.E. Kennedy fonds.

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