Our Legacy

...is a database of material relating to First Nations, Metis, and Inuit peoples, found in Saskatchewan cultural and heritage collections. ...mamātāwi-āpacihcikan ita nānatohk kayas ohci masinahikanis mīna āsay kā-osihcikātēki masinahikanisa aya ohci nistam-iyiniwak, iskipowak, mīna āpihtawi-kosisānak, kā-miskikātēki ita kisiskāciwanihk.

This site is a co-operative initiative by several of Saskatchewan’s publicly-accessible archives. It is intended to increase the information available for archival material by providing access to descriptions of material at a file or item level. While primarily archival, the site also includes some published (library) and artifactual (museum) material. Please note that materials have been digitized based on consideration of known copyright, privacy, and particularly, cultural concerns.

This site was published in 2008 and was contributed to and developed by over 80 individuals and organizations.

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