The Changing Face of the Saskatchewan Prairie

...is a showcase of some of the images of Saskatchewan grain elevators held by the University Archives and Special Collections, University of Saskatchewan.

Since the 1880s an icon of the Canadian prairies has been the traditional wood primary grain elevator; that "visual metaphor for the backbone of the prairie economy - grain farming" (Silversides, Brock. Introduction: Prairie Giants Saskatoon: Western Producer Prairie Books, 1986. p.1). These "Prairie Giants" have been in slow decline since the peak of elevator growth in 1938 (Prairie Giants p.4), altering the very character of the prairie landscape.

This exhibit primarily features photographs by Hans Dommasch and Joanne Abrahamson, two Saskatchewan photographers who have dedicated many years to capturing these distinctive landmarks before they disappear.

Published in 2004 and curated by Alejandra Ortiz.

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