A long line of students holding hands weaving around multiple lanes of cars on a busy street at night. Photo taken on the 200 block of 2nd Ave S in Saskatoon in the 1950's.

The Student Experience

Digital exhibition about student governance, athletics, protest, and academics at the University of Saskatchewan.

The Student Experience is an exhibition depicting various aspects of student life at the University of Saskatchewan throughout the decades. Students have played an integral role in the development of the University of Saskatchewan. Throughout the University's history, student involvement in governance and protest, athletics and social events, pranks, and academics have all contributed greatly to the atmosphere of the campus. Each aspect of the student experience offers a unique perspective on social norms of the time and on the University itself.

This digital project was created in 2003 and was curated by Joel Van Impe, Patrick Hayes and Cheryl Avery. 

It was archived in 2020. It is not being updated and is not formatted for mobile browsers.

The Student Experience

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