University Yearbooks Online

...has digitized copies of the all of the University of Saskatchewan's yearbooks, from 1912-1969.

A University of Saskatchewan student yearbook was first published in 1912, the year the first class graduated. From 1913 to 1920 the April edition of The Sheaf was called the "Graduation Number", with yearbook-like summaries of students, athletics, colleges and events. In 1921, when the format of The Sheaf was changed from that of a monthly magazine to a weekly newspaper, a separate yearbook, The Spectrum, was again published. In 1922 the name was changed to The Keystone then US in 1924 and finally to The Greystone in 1927. It would maintain this latter name until publication of a yearbook ceased after 1969.

The digital copies were produced from a microfilm copy. Therefore, there are occasionally pages missing, duplicated, faded or otherwise illegible, or rotated, depending on the state of the original. It is possible to rotate individual pages through the web interface.

Due to privacy concerns, the graduate and student photo sections of most of the yearbooks are not available online. These are being released consistent with provincial and federal privacy legislation: volumes 92 years and older are available.

All of the yearbooks are available for viewing in the University Archives and Special Collections reading room.

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