Postcard of three men standing on the bank of a river trying to catch two enormous fish with a hatchet captioned Great sport fishing here

Wish you were here

Over 4500 postcards from archives throughout Saskatchewan.

Wish You Were Here: Saskatchewan Postcard Collections is an exhibition of over 4500 postcards from eleven Saskatchewan archives. 

The images available on the exhibit site are eclectic. No attempt was made to "curate" the site, or select thematically-specific images. The postcards themselves came to be in archival collections in a variety of ways: some, sent to individuals in Saskatchewan, are part of larger fonds; some were collected by individuals; some were collected by institutions for the images or text they presented. The only unifying theme of the exhibit is that all of the postcards now form part of Saskatchewan's rich and diverse archival heritage.

This digital project was completed in 2010 and is not currently being updated.

Wish you were here postcard collection

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