A world closely observed: The photography of Courtney Milne

31 August - 31 December 2014

Curator: Cheryl Avery

The exhibition highlights various points in Milne’s career, and quotations from Milne and others provide insight into his approach to photography and his changing view of the world. The exhibition includes prints of various sizes, copies of publications featuring Milne’s photographs, memorabilia especially from international trips, awards such as the posthumous Saskatchewan Order of Merit, family photographs, one of Milne’s cameras, exhibition cards/posters and more.

Milne Order of Merit medalMilne memorabilia

Milne camera

Milne cabinet

The University will hold a special viewing of this exhibition on Thursday, October 30 from 3:00pm – 4:30 pm in the Link Gallery, 1st Floor Murray Library. A short program including the launch and demonstration of the University Library’s Courtney Milne website featuring thousands of images will begin at 3:30pm. Printed exhibition catalogues are available for purchase in both hardcover or softcover editions, or you can choose to download the free pdf

Milne's Curiosity

Photo credit: Courtney Milne

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