Between Nowhere and Oblivion: Saskatchewan Perceived and Misconceived

July 2015

Murray Library, Room 301 and Ground

Curators: Stevie Horn, Neil Richards

Prairie Pastel : Milne 060-233

It has been said that “when Canadians think of Saskatchewan – if they think of it at all—they think ‘flat and boring.’” This is just one of many misconceptions about the province that this display attempts to scrutinize. By looking directly at the various ways the province is perceived, and by showcasing some of Saskatchewan’s most laughable tropes, perhaps a fuller picture beyond what Saskatchewan writer Sharon Butala terms “comfortably-believed, derogatory myths” can be formed.

Certainly, there is some truth in many  of these perceptions and misconceptions, but rather than making the province boring, these truths add to its character. The sometimes narrow, sometimes broad space between truth and hyperbole regarding Saskatchewan is filled with self-deprecating laughter, rueful headshakes, and a quiet pride—all hinting at a personality beyond the “flat and boring”.
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