Types of study spaces

Whether you are looking for a quite study spot, a place to work on a group project, or somewhere to meet between classes, the library has space for you. We want to make the library a place that is welcoming to everyone.

Please be aware that volume level expectations vary between library spaces. 

No matter which space you are in, please use headphones when listening to music, watching videos or attending online classes. 


Spaces for group work, meetings and socializing. You can expect moderate noise levels in these spaces.


Spaces for studying and quiet group work. Silence your cell phone and be mindful of those working around you.


The quietest spaces in the library. These areas, excluding the bookable study rooms, are for individual quiet study. Silence your cell phone and take calls outside. 

I am looking for a space...

Study space in the Murray and Law libraries are open for Late Night Study during the fall and winter semesters. Current USask students from all colleges are welcome during Late Night Study and you will be asked to show your USask student ID card to enter. 

See the current schedule and learn more about Late Night Study in the library or see all library hours.

The Writing Help Centre (1st floor Murray South) and University Archives and Special Collections (3rd floor Murray South) are the only library spaces where food is not allowed. Covered drinks and water bottles are welcome in food-free spaces except for University Archives and Special Collections.

All other library spaces allow food (within reason). Please be mindful of others using the library and avoid pungent, loud or messy meals and dispose of garbage appropriately.

All library locations, with the exception of the Engineering Library Learning Commons, have areas with natural light. Libraries that have large windows and are often flooded with natural light are the Leslie and Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library, the Science Library, and the Shannon Library in St. Thomas More College.

Desktop computers are available in all library locations. Check out the current availability of desktop computers in your favourite location.

Bookable study rooms are available in all libraries on campus.

Bring your laptop and use a standing desk in the Science Library, the Leslie and Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library or the Murray Library (ground floor).

The Murray Library also has active workstations on the ground floor where you can use a stationary bike or walking treadmill while you work. Find them in the south-west corner of the ground floor facing the Gordon Oakes Red Bear Student Centre. 

All of our library locations are wheelchair accessible but some parts of the collection are not easily accessed. Library staff are happy to help you retrieve materials in person or you can place a hold and pick up your items at the library services desk in any location.

Elevator access to the Murray Library is available from the main ground-floor doors on the north-east side of the building or from the elevator on the lower level of Place Riel Student Centre. Key cards for this elevator are issued by the University Library Dean's Office (Room 156 Murray Library), Mon - Fri, 8:30 am - 4:30 pm (closed noon - 12:30).

An inclusive washroom is a public toilet that people of any gender or gender identity can use. These washrooms benefit:

  • transgender populations and people who exist outside of the gender binary
  • people with disabilities
  • elderly people and anyone who may require assistance from someone of another gender
  • parents who wish to accompany their children

Inclusive washrooms can be found in the Murray Library - Room G23 on the ground floor and Room 610 on the 6th floor.

Check the campus map of inclusive washrooms to find all locations on campus.

The library is a great option for attending online classes when you are on campus, but some spaces are better for classes that require your verbal interaction.

Classes that require interaction:

Classes that require little to no interaction:

Need a computer with a webcam?:

  • The first floor in the Murray Library has 15 computers that are equipped with webcams, however you need to supply your own microphone
  • All of our bookable study rooms (except Murray 372 and all rooms in St. Thomas More) have webcams and screens that can connect to your Mac or PC laptop. 

Bookable spaces

Five students working together inside a bookable study rooms on the ground floor of the Murray Library.
Book a study room for your group.

Most bookable study rooms are equipped with screens that are PC and Mac compatible. You can borrow Mac adaptors/dongles and dry erase markers from the closest library services desk. While these rooms are meant for group collaborative work, please be mindful of others in adjacent spaces. The study rooms are not soundproof.

  • Each student can make 2 bookings per week
  • Maximum of 2 hours per booking
  • Book up to 2 weeks in advance
  • The room capacity is listed in brackets next to the room number on the reservation form
  • If a booked room is left unoccupied for 30 minutes it becomes available for other students on a first-come-first-served basis. The new group can continue to use the room even if the original group arrives late. Please make sure someone from your group arrives on time
  • Questions? Talk to the staff at the nearest library service desk or Ask Us


  • Play music and videos at a reasonable volume. The study rooms are not soundproof
  • Food and drinks are welcome but dispose of garbage appropriately
  • Return all borrowed markers and adaptors to the library services desk at the end of your booking
Three people using the presentation practice room: one standing at a podium in front of a digital projector screen, two seated on either side of a table.
Practice your presentation skills in LIDHSL 2472.

Room 2472 in the Leslie and Irene Dubé Health Science Library is open to students from all colleges to practice presentations for class assignments, conferences, and interviews. When not booked, the room is open for drop-in study. Room capacity is 8 people.

Included equipment:

  • 70" wall-mounted monitor
  • HDMI & VGA video input
  • Pan/Tilt/Zoom camera for lecture capture
  • Movable podium
  • 36 X 48" Whiteboard
  • 24 X 36" Smartboard
Close up of a keyboard, headphones, music production controls and computer screen
The Composition Studio (CompS) is a bookable space for creating electronic music.

The Composition studio (CompS), 2008.3 in the Education and Music Library, includes tools for composing, arranging and orchestrating music.

  • book for up to 3 hours per session
  • one person can book a maximum of 9 hours per week
  • bookings can be make up to 2 weeks in advance
  • USask students, staff and faculty may book this space using your NSID.

Terms of use:

  • CompS is an electronic music space. Acoustic recording and the use of microphones or amps are not allowed. Personal electronic instruments, including guitars and keyboards, may be recorded directly through the USB audio interface.
  • Monitoring must be done using headphones. Use of speakers is not allowed.
  • Projects must be saved to a personal USB storage device. 
  • Food and drink are not allowed.
  • The equipment, software and sample libraries are for the purpose of learning, experimentation and creative investigation and not for professional or commercial use.
  • Technical support for the tools in the studio is not available from the library staff. It is up to the user to review demos and tutorials on the CompS guide to learn how to use it.


A person looking at records and a second seated person reading and drinking coffee inside the Education and Music Library.
Education and Music Library

The Education and Music Library is for individual and group study at a considerate volume. It houses our extensive local music collection, curriculum materials, and technology for multimedia listening, viewing, and creation.

Bookable study rooms
Bookable composition studio
Natural light
Wheelchair accessible
Multiple large tables and chairs in a brightly lit, open concept working space. One person is seated in the background working at a study carrel.
Engineering Library Learning Commons

The Engineering Library Learning Commons is a conversational working space. There are no library staff, service desks or collections in this space. The physical engineering collection can be found in the Science Library. 

This space has bookable study rooms, group work areas separated by glass whiteboards, individual study carrels, tables and chairs and casual seating. 

Bookable study rooms
Wheelchair accessible

Students studying at the long tables inside the Law Library.
Law Library

The Law Library is a quiet space featuring spacious tables and comfortable seating. Individual study cubicles are available on the mezzanine and basement levels, while the group study room can accommodate up to five people for collaborative work. The main floor is wheelchair accessible, but the upper and lower floors are not.

While studying on the main floor and mezzanine levels, enjoy the unique Modern architecture of the Law Library, featuring “soaring light-filled space, stretching more than three storeys in height and crowned by a cupola with clerestory glazing” (University of Saskatchewan Heritage Register).

Bookable study room
Natural light
Open late
Wheelchair accessible (*limited access to collections)
Students studying on the ground floor of the Leslie and Irene Dube Health Science Library.
Leslie and Irene Dube Health Science Library, ground floor

The Leslie and Irene Dubé Health Sciences Library offers quiet study spaces on three floors. The library’s panoramic windows let in natural light and there are plentiful desks, tables (including stand-up tables), carrels and bookable studyroom located throughout the library.

This library includes a bookable presentation practice room and an Access and Equity Services room that has a variety of assistive and enhanced technology. 

Bookable study rooms
Bookable presentation practice room
Natural light
Wheelchair accessible
Standing desks
Two students studying in the individual carrels in the Murray Library North Wing
Murray Library, 3rd floor north wing

The Murray Library is the largest library on campus and houses a variety of different spaces including the Writing Centre, Math and Stats Help, Library Archives and Special Collections (UASC), the IT Support Desk and the Digital Research Centre. Murray Library is open for late night study during Fall and Winter semesters.

Expect more activity in the conversational spaces on the ground and first floors.

Quiet conversation is welcome in the considerate study spaces on the second to sixth floors of the South Wing.

The North Wing of Murray library is a quiet study space and includes the Quiet Study Room on the first floor. Access the North Wing by turning left at the top of the main stairwell or from the elevators on the first floor, passing through the exhibit space, and following the hallway.

Bookable study rooms
Natural light
Open late
Wheelchair accessible
Standing desks and active workstations
Inclusive washrooms
Food-free (*Writing Help Centre and UASC)
Students at computers and desks inside the Science Library, ground floor.
Science Library, ground floor.

The Science Library has four floors with a variety of spaces and large windows that fill the upper floors with natural light.

The ground floor is a conversational space to work, study, and relax including bookable study rooms.

More study space can be found on the upper floors and lower level where you can expect considerate volume levels. 

Bookable study rooms
Natural light
Wheelchair accessible
Standing desks

While not part of the University Library system, the STM Shannon Library can be used by all USask students.

The STM Library is a quiet and elegant space featuring large tables and comfortable seating. There is an abundance of natural light and comfortable seating around the fireplace. The library is fully wheelchair accessible and a computer lab is available. 

Bookable study rooms
Natural light
Wheelchair accessible
Covered drinks and dry snacks