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Veterinary Medicine Library

Library Services for Veterinarian Practitioners in Western Canada

Library Services for Veterinarians in Western Canada


The Veterinary Medicine Library provides a cost-recovery extension service for veterinary practitioners in the four Western Canadian Provinces. 

Literature Searches

  • Literature searches are conducted by the Veterinary Medicine Liaison Librarian
  • Literature Search fee is $30.00 per half hour (or portion thereof)
  • Free Databases for Veterinary Practitioners to search:
    • PubMed - Includes virtually every area of biomedical literature. Produced by the National Library of Medicine with coverage from 1950's to present day.
    • Agricola - Database of the National Agriculture Library of the United States. Excellent coverage of US agricultural and life sciences information from 1970 to present day.
    • Google Scholar- Easy-to-use search engine that allows the retrieval of articles and patents
    • PLEASE NOTE:  Many of the articles in these databases are from Open Access journals and are available to the public in full-text and pdf format free of charge (indicated by descriptors such as "Free Full Text" ; "Free Article" ; "Free PMC Article").  Google Scholar provides a direct link to the HTML or pdf source of the article if it is Open Access.
  • If you would like to request copies of articles from these databases, please email us at vetlib@library.usask.ca.  Please ensure that the article(s) you are requesting is NOTalready freely available to the public from an Open Access source.

Requesting Copies of Journal Articles

  • Phone, fax, email your request OR fill in our photocopy request form.
  • Photocopying fees: $0.25 per page with a $2.50 minimum charge (includes mail delivery)
  • Fax delivery: Photocopying charges as above plus fax charges of $5.00 for first 20 pages; $5.00 for each additional 10 pages

Important Information Regarding Copyright and the University Library

The University of Saskatchewan’s copyright practices and guidelines are changing as a result of the university’s decision to opt out of the license agreement with Access Copyright. The agreement lapsed on August 31, 2011 and from that date on the university has adopted new fair dealing guidelines that will ensure we are compliant with copyright legislation. Those changes have caused the University Library to modify some of its services and procedures. 

More information on how this affects library services is available here
For detailed information about copyright and the University, click on http://usask.ca/copyright

Contacting the Library

Veterinary Medicine Library

Phone:  (306) 966-7205
Fax:      (306) 966-7207


Megan Kennedy

Phone:  (306) 966-7206 Tues.;  (306) 966-1496 Mon., Wed., Thurs., Fri.
Fax:      (306) 966-7207