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9 documents contain the indexing term NGUYEN DINH THUAN
ID Document
00005 Belief of senior Vietnamese officials for need of state of national emergency and government reforms (October 18, 1961)
Information report; NOT GIVEN; SANITIZED
Declassified: December 1974
00138 Cast of characters in South Vietnam (August 28, 1963)
Office of Current Intelligence memorandum; SECRET; ORIGINAL
Declassified: June 3, 1976
00631 Events and developments in South Vietnam, 5-18 October 1963 (October 19, 1963)
Declassified: March 11, 1985
00066 Pham Ngoc Thao : biographic summary and personality analysis (August 29, 1964)
Intelligence information cable; CONFIDENTIAL; SANITIZED
Declassified: May 24, 1976
00623 Probable loyalties of key military units and commanders in event of coup d'etat (August 29, 1963)
Declassified: March 11, 1985
01070 Review of recent developments in South Vietnam (August 26, 1963)
Intelligence memorandum; SECRET; ORIGINAL
Declassified: January 31, 1996
00850 Situation in South Vietnam : information as of 10:00 EDT, 16 Sept. 1963 (September 16, 1963)
Declassified: August 2, 1991
00014 Views of Dr. Tran kim Tuyen on Vietnamese reactions to increased US military aid (November 22, 1961)
Information report; CONFIDENTIAL; ORIGINAL
Declassified: June 6, 1975
00496 Villagers witness preparations for Viet Cong attack on Ben Cat military garrison and do not notify garrison because of intimidation by the Viet Cong
Declassified: April 1, 1976