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We hereby acknowledge the permissions granted by the Gale Group to include in this Database the abstracts provided in the Declassified Documents Reference System CD-ROM and by the Texas Tech University's Virtual Vietnam Archive to provide the links for fulltext documents.

4 documents contain the indexing term NGUYEN HUU CHAU
ID Document
00215 North Vietnamese viewpoints on the Vietnamese situation (August 27, 1964)
Intelligence information cable; SECRET; SANITIZED
Declassified: May 24, 1976
00066 Pham Ngoc Thao : biographic summary and personality analysis (August 29, 1964)
Intelligence information cable; CONFIDENTIAL; SANITIZED
Declassified: May 24, 1976
00291 Situation in South Vietnam (June 24, 1964)
Weekly report; SECRET; ORIGINAL
Declassified: October 5, 1977
00310 Situation in South Vietnam (September 2, 1964)
Weekly report; SECRET; SANITIZED
Declassified: June 9, 1978