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9 documents contain the indexing term SOUTH VIETNAMESE III CORPS
ID Document
00915 Belief of III Corps Commander Le Nguyen Khang that Prime Minister Ky did not discuss peace negotiations with visiting Indonesian Delegation (January 9, 1967)
Intelligence information cable; NOT GIVEN; SANITIZED
Declassified: February 8, 1993
01104 III Corps analysis of Viet Cong goals for the Tet Offensive (February 11, 1968)
Declassified: July 10, 1998
01329 Indications of an impending Communist offensive in South Vietnam (December 12, 1968)
Declassified: September 29, 1992
00623 Probable loyalties of key military units and commanders in event of coup d'etat (August 29, 1963)
Declassified: March 11, 1985
00945 Promise by Cao Dai Church leadership to support the Government of Vietnam (July 31, 1966)
Intelligence information cable; NOT GIVEN; SANITIZED
Declassified: December 20, 1993
00972 Situation in South Vietnam (September 29, 1965)
Weekly report; SECRET; SANITIZED
Declassified: August 24, 1993
01114 South Vietnamese Army today (December 12, 1966)
Intelligence memorandum; SECRET; ORIGINAL
Declassified: June 16, 1998
00372 Summary of Viet Cong activities in III Corps during June 1967 (July 28, 1967)
Intelligence information cable; NOT GIVEN; SANITIZED
Declassified: September 20, 1979
01342 Views of III Corps Commander General Khang that there will be no anti-government moves during Manila Conference (October 24, 1965)
Intelligence information cable; NOT GIVEN; SANITIZED
Declassified: March 1, 1994