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Remarks of Vice President Ky on probable Communist tactics at Paris and in South Vietnam, Lien Minh, and on the weaknesses and prospects of Tran Van Huong cabinet.
Date of Creation:
July 24, 1968
Date of Declassification:
September 19, 1996
Type of Document:
Intelligence information cable
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
8 p.
Vice-President Ky thinks the Communists will agree to substantive political discussions in Paris some time in September, which will be shortly after or at the start of a third Viet Cong offensive. He believes President Thieu still wants him to accompany any Government of Vietnam (GVN) negotiating delegation but he is not cetain he would accept such mission. Ky approves of the new National Alliance for Social Revolution (Lien Minh) as a means of organizing the people politically, although he does not regard it as the final answer. Its greatest shortcoming is that it is led by the old politicians, whereas the country needs new leaders. He still regards Tran Van Huong as unsuited for the post of Prime Minister and does not think much of the Huong Cabinet, which is disunited and made up of technicians lacking political influence. Also, some are loyal to Thieu rather than to Huong, while some, for example, Foreign Minister Thanh, are not trusted by Thieu. He does not think the Cabinet will last very long. Ky particularly dislikes Interior Minister Khiem whom he regards as devious, treacherous and self-seeking. He believes that Thieu will sooner or later realize that Khiem is not capable and is working for his own interests and not those of Thieu or the government, at which time he will oust Khiem.
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