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Indications of an impending Communist offensive in South Vietnam
Date of Creation:
December 12, 1968
Date of Declassification:
September 29, 1992
Type of Document:
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
6 p., 1 map
There are numerous indications that the Communists are prepared and positioned to kick off a new wave of intensified military action any time between now and Christmas. Most of the indicators point to III Corps as the focal point for the upcoming attacks, particularly thoses involving infantry assaults. There are also some (but fewer) indications of preparations for ground probes or assaults at various points in IV Corps. In any event, though III Corps will probaly be the primary theater of operations, the enemy may launch numerous mortar, artillery, and recoilless rifle attacks, accompanied by some ground action, on allied outposts and population centers throughout the country. Some sharp upsurge in Communist offensive activity is almost certain to develop within the next week or two, and one reliable agent has reported that attacks in III Corps are sheduled to begin on the night of 12-13 December, i.e., during the late morning and early afternoon of Thursday, 12 December, in Washington.
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