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We hereby acknowledge the permissions granted by the Gale Group to include in this Database the abstracts provided in the Declassified Documents Reference System CD-ROM and by the Texas Tech University's Virtual Vietnam Archive to provide the links for fulltext documents.

Situation in South Vietnam
Date of Creation:
January 27, 1965
Date of Declassification:
December 12, 1975
Type of Document:
Weekly report
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
22 p., maps
The situation in South Vietnam (a bloodless military coup has removed Huong from power; Gen. Khanh will establish a civilian-military council. Buddhist leaders will continue to exercise their political power. Some cabinet changes are expected. The economic situation is stable. VC activities have been reduced, and the ARVN has engaged in successful operations. Details of the progress of the province pacification program. Cambodia: Sihanouk's health is poor, may be "diplomatic" illness; the government protests border incidents. South Korea: will send support troops to South Vietnam despite objections from the Civil Rule Party and the Democratic Party. USSR to reevaluate economic agreements with North Vietnam). Intelligence and Reporting Subcommittee of the Interagency Vietnam Coordinating Committee, Weekly Report, OCI No. 0604/65. Jan. 27, 1965. 22 p., maps. Annex: Go Cong Province (Viet Cong presence; pacification efforts). 4 p. SECRET/BACKGROUND USE ONLY/NO FOREIGN DISSEM. Declassified Dec. 12, 1975. Johnson Library, NSF, Countries, Vietnam, Vol. 26.
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