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After Laos, South Vietnam
Date of Creation:
July 14, 1961
Date of Declassification:
May 19, 1977
Type of Document:
Information report
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
2 p.
After Laos, South Vietnam (unnamed Soviet correspondent comments re Laos: "that is a long drawn out affair. I do not believe that the USA can salvage very much from this situation, although I understand why you try"; re South Vietnam: "this situation will grow worse for the USA as time goes on. You will not be able to accuse us of intervening in that place. I do not believe there is a single Soviet technician or all southern Vietnam." Correspondent suggests a round table discussion between North and South Vietnam re the possibility of a confederation). Information Report, TDCS DB-3/647,563. July 14, 1961. 2 p. SECRET/NO DISSEM ABROAD/BACKGROUND USE ONLY. SANITIZED copy. Released May 19, 1977.
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