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DRV attitude toward free elections in Vietnam
Date of Creation:
May 11, 1965
Date of Declassification:
September 16, 1977
Type of Document:
Office of Current Intelligence memorandum
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
3 p.
The DRV Attitude toward Free Elections in Vietnam [a chronological study of changes in North Vietnamese policy on free elections; 1954-60: Hanoi advocated elections in both North and South Vietnam because Ho Chi Minh was the best-known national leader in the resistance against France, and because the North had three million more people than the South; 1960-63: Hanoi supported elections in the South only; the Liberation Front manifesto called for the formation of a democratic coalition to replace Diem; elections were only called for a new National Assembly to be voted in by universal suffrage; any free elections to be held in South Vietnam would be conducted by the Front, with no "foreign interference"; 1964-1965: Hanoi has muted calls for elections in South Vietnam; Hanoi hopes instead to capitalize on govt. instability to quickly form a coalition govt.; Hanoi also feels that it may not control a large enough percentage of the population to guarantee a victory at the polls]. Office of Current Intelligence Memorandum, OCI No. 1801/65. May 11, 1965. 3 p. CONFIDENTIAL. Declassified Sept. 16, 1977.
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