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Situation in South Vietnam
Date of Creation:
April 10, 1964
Date of Declassification:
July 9, 1976
Type of Document:
Monthly report
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
10 p.
The Situation in South Vietnam [political situation: Khanh and the military will exercise power to the exclusion of civilian political leaders; Khanh has been declared Chairman of the Military Revolutionary Council and has dissolved the Council of Notables; Khanh has promised that elections for the National Assembly will be held within six months; the govt. has begun a new pacification program; a series of trials of former Diem associates has been opened. Military situation: fix-and-destroy and clear-and-hold operations are effective in northern provinces; Viet Cong continue to stress terrorist activities. Economic situation: fear of a rice shortage has dissipated, but administrative problems have delayed supplying rural areas. Diplomatic situation: relations with France continue to be strained by the neutralization issue; South Korea may offer military aid; use of Chinese Nationalist troops is under discussion. Situation in North Vietnam: Ho Chi Minh calls for US and GVN adherence to Geneva Accords and withdrawal of US troops; extensive trenchworks and underground shelters are being built in urban areas]. Directorate of Intelligence, Intelligence and Reporting Subcommittee of the Interagency Vietnam Coordinating Committee Monthly Report, OCI No. 1374/64. Apr. 10, 1964. 10 p. SECRET/NO FOREIGN DISSEM. Declassified July 9, 1976. Johnson Library, NSF, Countries, Vietnam, Vol. 7.
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