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Possible rapprochement between North and South Vietnam
Date of Creation:
September 19, 1963
Date of Declassification:
November 14, 1978
Type of Document:
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
5 p.
Possible Rapprochement between North and South Vietnam [Joseph Alsop's article in The Washington Post indicates that North Vietnam and South Vietnam may be working on a North-South rapprochement. US feels this is unlikely in view of Hanoi's conditions for unification (capitulation of South Vietnam). Ngo family may plan to use rapprochement to counter US threats of aid cuts, to enlarge its options during a crisis period, and to indicate a new willingness to listen to French arguments]. Memorandum, Chester L. Cooper. Sept. 19, 1963. 5 p. SECRET. Declassified Nov. 14, 1978.
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