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Situation in South Vietnam
Date of Creation:
May 5, 1965
Date of Declassification:
July 26, 1978
Type of Document:
Monthly report
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
18 p., 1 map
The Situation in South Vietnam [political situation: level of stability of the govt. has not deteriorated; PM Quat has streamlined his bureaucracy and counter-insurgency program and consolidated his position among military and Buddhist circles; however, he may have overestimated his power to dissolve the AFC and may have increased the chances of a Catholic coup. Economic situation: rice deliveries are low and rice prices high. Military situation: Viet Cong continue to maintain a defensive position; govt. operations have included a number of successes; casualty and weapons loss ratio favors the govt.; number of VC defecting under the Returnee Program has continued to rise; govt. force strength has decreased, and defections have increased; province pacification efforts have stalled. Third country developments: Cambodia has broken relations with the US over border violations and announced that the Cambodian Conference must exclude South Vietnam and any discussion of Vietnamese or Laotian problems. Australia, New Zealand, Japan, and the Philippines have promised personnel and materiel. Bloc developments: in a North Vietnamese-Soviet communique, the USSR has endorsed the North Vietnamese cause and promised military aid]. Intelligence and Reporting Subcommittee of the Interagency Vietnam Coordinating Committee, Monthly Report, OCI No. 0618/65. May 5, 1965. 13 p. Att: South Vietnamese and Viet Cong Casualties and Weapons Losses: 1962-April 1965 [operations, casualties and weapons loss]. Supplement. 5 p., map. SECRET/NO FOREIGN DISSEM/BACKGROUND USE ONLY. Declassified July 26, 1978. Johnson Library, NSF, Countries, Vietnam, Vol. 34.
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