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Situation in South Vietnam
Date of Creation:
May 12, 1965
Date of Declassification:
July 26, 1978
Type of Document:
Weekly report
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
18 p., 1 map
The Situation in South Vietnam [political situation: PM Quat has strengthened his hand by obtaining the dissolution of the AFC; retention of Gen. Thieu should mitigate Catholic alarm over a Buddhist-inspired purge of Catholics in govt., but stiff sentencing of Catholic coup plotters and an appeal for a cease-fire on Buddha's birthday may stimulate renewed Catholic plotting. Economic situation: new program for funding provincial budgets is in effect. Military situation: Viet Cong operations have increased; govt. operations have decreased slightly; casualties and weapons loss ratio favors the VC; province pacification has progressed in III and IV Corps and retrogressed in I and II Corps; US has sent a team chief to each province; 494 VC defectors have returned to govt. control under the Returnee Program. Third country developments: South Vietnam has ordered the cessation of all activities of the French cultural mission; Philippine Congress has introduced a bill to send an engineering battalion; Japan is considering a contribution towards SE Asian development; New Zealand will send a medical team. Bloc developments: USSR promises assistance to North Vietnam; China continues to attack Soviet leadership]. Directorate of Intelligence Weekly Report, OCI No. 0619/65. [May 12, 1965?] 18 p., map. SECRET/NO FOREIGN DISSEM/BACKGROUND USE ONLY. SANITIZED copy. Released July 26, 1978. Johnson Library, NSF, Countries, Vietnam, Vol. 34.
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