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Appraisal of the bombing of North Vietnam (through 14 May)
Date of Creation:
May 21, 1966
Date of Declassification:
November 25, 1977
Type of Document:
Directorate of Intelligence memorandum
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
11 p.
An Appraisal of the Bombing of North Vietnam (through 14 May) [strikes were primarily armed reconnaissance against lines of communication, infiltration routes, dispersed logistic targets, and land and waterway traffic; although North Vietnamese infiltration continues and possibly at an increased rate, US efforts below the 20th parallel have disrupted management and control of LOC's; previously estimated damage to the North Vietnamese economy has been confirmed, increasing amounts of resources are being drawn from agriculture and industry, reallocation of management has resulted in a decline of production, and strikes against Cam Pha port have substantially reduced coal exports]. Directorate of Intelligence Memorandum No. 1356/66. May 21, 1966. 11 p. Annex: Results of Strikes on NVN Targets thru May 1966 [targets struck, sorties flown, and effect on national capacity]. Chart. 1 p. SECRET/NO FOREIGN DISSEM. SANITIZED copy. Released Nov. 25, 1977. Johnson Library, White House Central File, Confidential File, ND 19/CO 312.
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