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Phoenix Program
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8 p.
Phoenix Program [by the fall of 1966, large military actions were well established and a pacification program initiated; however, the success of pacification was limited because the VC had made it a prime target. It became obvious that a program was needed to attack the VC infrastructure, which supplied VC military forces with food, intelligence, and recruits; the critical function of the infrastructure was apparent because without it, the burden would have fallen on North Vietnam, whose supply lines were long and whose troops would not be able to fight as guerrillas. In 1967 the South Vietnamese program to attack the VC infrastructure was established under the name Phung Hoang and was accompanied by US support programs, first ICEX, then the Phoenix program. The basic approach was the collection of operational information on members of the VC infrastructure at each Phoenix center and the exploitation of that information by recruitment or defection in place, outright defection, capture and exploitation, and compromise and discreditation. The success of the Phoenix program is indicated by the following figures: the 1968 goal called for the neutralization of 12,000, and 15,776 were neutralized; the 1969 goal was 21,600, and 19,534 VC were neutralized. The Phoenix program "was not and has never been an independent or secret `CIA operation' of any form"]. Report, unattributed. [1970?] 8 p. Security classification not given. [Released 1980?]
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