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Current status of the War in South Vietnam
Date of Creation:
January 11, 1963
Date of Declassification:
November 30, 1981
Type of Document:
Office of Current Intelligence memorandum
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
4 p.
Current Status of the War in South Vietnam [the war is seen as a slowly escalating stalemate with both government and enemy forces more aggressive, better organized, and expanding their areas of operations. Increased government effectiveness militarily is tempered by Diem's need for political loyalty within the military, which often rewards incompetency among unit commanders and induces command caution. The Viet Cong receive their principal support from the rural populace and control 793 of South Vietnam's 2,530 villages, with the government nominally or effectively controlling most of the rest. North Vietnamese troop infiltration is escalating, and Communist weapons' sophistication and command control has increased accordingly. US assistance is primarily the reason for improved government military effectiveness, but the tide has not yet turned]. Office of Current Intelligence, Memorandum, SC No. 02142/63. Jan. 11, 1963. 4 p. [TOP SECRET.] SANITIZED copy. Released Nov. 30, 1981. Kennedy Library, NSF, Countries, Vietnam, Vol. 10, Jan. 1963, Box 197.
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