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Nature of the Buddhist conflict in South Vietnam
Date of Creation:
September 27, 1963
Date of Declassification:
September 13, 1979
Type of Document:
Directorate of Intelligence special report
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
4 p.
The Nature of the Buddhist Conflict in South Vietnam [Buddhist political and religious motivations cannot be totally separated, and Diem regime's anti-Buddhist actions have politicized many otherwise apolitical Buddhists. While not openly repressing Buddhists prior to May 8, the Diem regime has displayed a Catholic bias in its official philosophy, celebration of Catholic holidays, and discrimination in the government and armed forces. The May 8 incident was exploited by Buddhists eager for a showdown, but all evidence implicates the government in associated violence and deaths. Subsequent Buddhist demands for political and religious concessions have been ineptly handled by the government. Tri Quang and other Buddhist leaders now actively seek the government's overthrow, though not in cooperation with Communists or other Diem opponents]. Directorate of Intelligence, Special Report, OCI No. 0299/63C. Sept. 27, 1963. 4 p. SECRET. SANITIZED copy. Released Sept. 13, 1979.
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