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Events and developments in South Vietnam, 5-18 October 1963
Date of Creation:
October 19, 1963
Date of Declassification:
March 11, 1985
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Pagination, Illustration:
8 p.
During the 13 days which have elapsed since the transmission of Deptel 534 (5 October), the situation in South Vietnam has been one of uncertain and uneasy calm. Although there have been no dramatic developments, the atmosphere seems to be that, not of a resolved crisis, but of a lull before new political storms. In essence, the U.S. and the Diem regime are each attempting to assess the other's determination and future intentions, but the intentions of each remain cloudy to the other. The two governments are not, for all practical purposes, in communication; this absence of direct or covert US contact with the upper levels of the regime makes it difficult to assess the GVN leadership's frame of mind. In the cities, tension remains despite surface signs of a return to "normalcy". In the countryside, the war continues unabated, but there are a few hints that the urban political tensions may be beginning to hamper GVN conduct of the war.
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