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Military, economic and political situation in Cambodia
Date of Creation:
November 30, 1973
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5 p.
Khmer Communist ground attacks on 30 November forced government units to abandon the market town of Vihear Suor, ten miles northeast of Phnom Penh. Elsewhere in the capital region, elements of the Cambodian Army's 3rd Division have resumed operations along Routes 3 and 201 south of Prek Thnaot River. A new commander of the Cambodian Air Force was appointed after the bombing attack on President Lon Nol's residence by a disaffected Cambodian Air Force pilot. Sihanouk's supporters still appear to command a slender majority in their challenge to the right of the Lon Nol government to represent Cambodia in the UN. Phnom Penh has obtained a reprieve from a year-end fuel shortage. The arrival in Phnom Penh on 25 November of rice from South Vietnam and South Korea prevented government stocks from slipping below the politically unacceptable level of one week's supply.
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