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Interior Minister Khiem's claim that Prime Minister Huong is cause of Government of Vietnam's hard stand on question of attendance at Paris Talks
Date of Creation:
November 14, 1968
Date of Declassification:
May 9, 1990
Type of Document:
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
6 p.
Interior Minister Khiem attributes President Thieu's hard stand on the question of Government of Vietnam (GVN) attendance at the Paris Talks to Thieu's natural inclination reinforced by the support of Vice President Ky and Prime Minister Huong. Ky later modified his position and agreed that a GVN delegation should go to Paris. Huong, however, has persisted in his views. Khiem thinks Thieu and Ky, as northerners, recognize their need for the support of Huong, a southerner. Khiem also thinks the GVN's stability would be threatened if Thieu undertook to resolve the impasse without Huong's support or to remove Huong from office. Khiem himself thinks negotiations might be fruitful and thinks the present impasse is a temporary problem that will have no lasting effects on GVN / US relations. He is confident the GVN is now strong enough to negotiate without prejudice to its ability to fight the political war which will continue for the next several years. He is especially proud of the successes achieved by the Phoenix Program. Khiem denies he is to be moved to the Defense Ministry. He does not rule out cabinet changes but expects himself to remain as Interior Minister.
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