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Assessment of the impact of the Buddhist crisis on the provincial populace
Date of Creation:
August 22, 1963
Date of Declassification:
June 28, 1991
Type of Document:
Information report cable
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
6 p.
Although the conclusions herein are by no means definitive, this is probably a valid assessment of the situation based on the information available at this time. It should be kept in mind that peasant attitudes on this and other issues are difficult to assess as information is generally refracted through South Vietnamese sources with various axes to grind. Although we believe that the Buddhist issue to date has had only a modest impact on the rural population in South Vietnam and that the peasants have not been remarkedly affected, the longer the Buddhist / Government of Vietnam impasse lasts, the more likely it is that repercussions will radiate from urban areas, where the affair is largely centered, into the remoter rural areas.
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