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Agreement between Chief of State Thieu and Prime Minister Ky that Thieu, as President, will be a figurehead and Ky, as Vice President, will retain control after the elections
Date of Creation:
July 3, 1967
Date of Declassification:
April 6, 1993
Type of Document:
Intelligence information cable
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
10 p.
It is agreed among Prime Minister Ky, Chief of State Thieu and the Armed Forces Council (AFC) that Thieu will be a figurehead as President and Ky will be de facto in command. Thieu's personal prestige has declined considerably among AFC officers because of his self-seeking behavior during the deliberation which preceded the decision to form a joint Thieu-Ky ticket. Ky's biggest problem now is to explain, discreetly, to his backers that he will actually have broad authority in the new government as though he were president in fact, and to persuade his campaign organization to work for the new Thieu-Ky slate.
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