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Dissension among South Vietnam's generals
Date of Creation:
August 2, 1966
Date of Declassification:
December 16, 1993
Type of Document:
Intelligence memorandum
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
9 p.
Underlying rifts in the unity of South Vietnam's military leadership have begun to surface again now that a serious threat from the Buddhists and their supporters has been overcome. Current dissension stems primarily from the apparent desire of Premier Ky to replace Deputy Premier and War Minister Co and Co's counter-maneuvers to prevent his dismissal. Although Ky does not appear concerned about a serious threat to his position at this time, he is still weighing the advantages and disadvantages of taking action against Co, allegedly involved in profiteering. In the background are pressures on Ky from reform-minded middle-grade officers, long-standing problems with at least two independent corps commanders, and alleged suspicions on the part of some Directorate members that Ky may be moving to assume greater personal power. The repercussions should Co be ousted cannot be accurately foreseen, but he appears to have no significant popular or troop support. Whether or not Co is retained, however, the growing assertiveness of the younger field-grade officers, known as the "Baby Turks", on such issues as Co's status may become a serious problem for Ky.
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