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Situation in South Vietnam
Date of Creation:
October 20, 1965
Date of Declassification:
August 24, 1993
Type of Document:
Weekly report
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
22 p., 2 maps
The surface calm of the South Vietnamese political situation was ruffled during the past week only by public complaints of the Saigon Students Union over alleged slights from the Ky government, and by further mumblings of dissatisfaction in both Buddhist and labor circles. Although there continue to be no indications of any serious threat to the government, those criticisms do serve to point up Premier Ky's difficulties in generating positive support for his regime even though the populace increasingly appears to be ruling out a Viet Cong military victory. Ky, meanwhile, has inaugurated a series of "fireside chats," addressing himself specifically to such problems as war benefits, war dislocations, and rising prices, all of which have been occupying greater public attention. Reports on the recent government-sponsored conference of provincial officials indicate that it portended no major breakthrough, but that it served to endorse the planning concepts of the new secretary of rural construction. The almost complete lack of public response to the Viet Cong appeal for a one-hour strike in cities and towns on 15 October, the opening day of a month-long Liberation Front "hate America" campaign, sharply demonstrated the weakness of the Communists in uban areas. In the military sphere, the Viet Cong are sustaining a high rate of guerrilla activity throughout the country, while generally avoiding large-scale engagements with government and allied troops. The Communists, however, continue to conduct isolated attacks in battalion strength against targets of opportunity. They retain the capability to harass military installations and populated towns, although they appear at present to be concentrating on obtaining rice supplies from harvesting in the northern provinces and on securing corridors connecting their base areas in the southern part of the country. US and South Vietnamese troops, meanwhile, are keeping up pressure through aggressive search-and-destroy operations, and may have temporarily weakend Viet Cong units north of Saigon where substantial guerrilla supplies have been captured or destroyed.
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