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Remarks of Minister of Interior Khiem on government stability and possibility of cabinet changes
Date of Creation:
December 24, 1968
Date of Declassification:
June 14, 1995
Type of Document:
Intelligence information cable
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
6 p.
Minister of Interior Tran Thien Khiem believes that the Government of Vietnam (GVN) must continue its strong anti-Communist position in order to maintain the stability of the country. Khiem believes that a major change in government leadership at this time would not be wise, and he does not believe one will occur in the near future. He thinks that Prime Minister Tran Van Huong has improved the efficiency of government management and has increased popular support for the government. Khiem expects there will be some changes in the government, particularly in the Ministry of Revolutionary Development. At President Thieu's request, Khiem asked General Duong Van (Big) Minh to head up the government's pacification and development program. Minh refused saying that he was not yet ready to take a position of leadership.
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