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Current Viet Cong problems, policies and solutions as of 7/26/67
Date of Creation:
July 26, 1967
Date of Declassification:
February 22, 1995
Type of Document:
Intelligence information cable
Level of Classification:
Status of Copy:
Pagination, Illustration:
10 p.
A review of information available on Viet Cong (VC) activities throughout South Vietnam during recent weeks would indicate that VC problems in the countryside and in the cities are serious and increasing, that they have had to adjust their policies and planning accordingly, and that they will continue to carry out their terrorist and other activities to the extent possible despite a weakening of their organization and a lessening of their effectiveness. It can be expected that there will be continued enemy successes against the South Vietnamese and Free World forces, but these will probably be to an increasing extent the result of the direct contribution of cadres, regular troops and materiel from North Vietnam and to a decreasing extent attributable to the Viet Cong themselves.
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