March 23, 2006
I just posted the slides for Cool Tools Update for Webmasters.

You can check out Cool Tools from other CIL and IL conferences too. Each year we try to bring new tools.


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The link to the slides seems to be dead :-(

sleeping shovel aka scilibrarian
Hi Ms. Fichter,

I just want to say that I saw you and Frank Cervone at CIL2006 do the Cool Tools presentation and I loved it! I thought it might be over my head (being very much a newbie to web design and usability) but it was very relevant.

Thank you for posting the PP presentation on your website. As an endsite, I love that picture of your daughter. She is gorgeous. I have a soon-to-be 10-year-old myself (turning 10 this Sunday).

Thanks again,
Emily Moser
GSA Library
Washington, DC
scilibrarian - thanks for pointing out the problem. The link has been fixed.

Thanks for the feedback on the session - we hope that everyone whatever their prior experience will find a couple of tools to try. We mix it up - some coding tools, some simple ones for people just starting out and lots in the middle.
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