August 16, 2006

Favourite New Tool: Snapper, a Firefox Extension

Update: May 2, 2008 - Snapper works with Firefox 2+! Thanks to Jen who hacked the extension and provides the new download.

In the processing of test driving lots of new sites, tools and services, there are some tools that immediately make difference and keep on making the difference.

snapperSnapper was one of those. Snapper is a Firefox extension that lets you highlight any part of the screen web browser window that you like with your mouse, and then save the highlighted area as png file.

Snapper just makes capturing screens browser content area or parts of it very quick to do. It's not that you couldn't do it before it's just quicker and easier now.

If you're writing a report or sending a user a message describing how to find something in a database or on a web site, don't just "tell" but "show" the reader what you mean. Just click on Snapper (the mouth will pop open showing its active) and highlight an area, save and insert it into document.

For more Firefox extensions, check out Cool Tools presentation with Frank Cervone at Computers in Libraries 2006.

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I use Snapper as well but it does not copy the screen as you say. It copies selected parts of the webpage you are viewing. Thatis an important distinction as you can not use it to get an actual screenshot.

Good point - Snapper lets you highlight any part of the browser content area, but you can't capture the full screen or the browser menus.

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