March 16, 2007

Congratulations to LJ's New Movers and Shakers

Why I'm Going to Work for Zooomr

Way to Stand Out!

(cc) Photo by Thomas Hawk.

The 50 librarians in the 2007 list are making a difference according to Francine Fialkoff.

Librarianship is much more than a job. Amanda Etches-Johnson says it is“one of those professions that you just are rather than something you do.” And, as Larry Neal says, it is a career that gives “you a chance to 'make a living making a difference.' ” That's what the 2007 Movers & Shakers do. They make a difference.

Check out this year's list and you'll be amazed and inspired by their skills, talents and passion.

Special congratulations to the 2007 Movers and Shakers that I've been fortunate enough to meet: Nicole Engard, Helen Blowers, Amanda Etches-Johnson, (a fellow Canadian), Michael Casey, and Rachel Bridgewater.

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