March 23, 2007

Five Non-Library Blogs That I Read

Warning - Skip this post if you dislike blog memes.

Janie Hermann from Library Garden tagged me with the latest library-blog meme started by the Liminal Librarian. I think Jamie might have been hoping to see something Canadian but a few of these are from a fellow Canadians.

Here's a quick sample of some of the non-library blogs that I read:
If you are what you read, then ?

I tag David King, Karen Coombs, Nicole Engard, and Jane Dysart.


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I feel honoured to on the same list with Matt Cutts and Seth Godin. You just made my month!
Great list -- some new discoveries for me too. Long been a fan of Seth, but have yet to read the others. Thanks :-)
Echoing LGR's comment, I'm honored to have made the list.
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