May 28, 2007

The Power of the Internet to Help Others: Kiva - Loans that Changes Lifes logo

About a year ago, I heard about, a microloan program for developing countries.

Mavis Amanor - Ghana - Harmony Soaps
Kiva is a wonderful organization and I was amazed to see today when I visited their site that they have already raised $6 million dollars in loans from 60,000 people. My daughter and I have been receiving repayments on a loan to Mavis Amanor from Ghana from her business, Harmony Soaps.

Kiva lets you select a small business to support based on their profile and description. You lend $25.00 or more and receive repayment in 6-12 months. For example, 23 people collectively loaned $700 to Mavis Amanor for her business.

Kiva also provides gift certificates and friends who have received these find it really neat to pick a business owner and help them. At the end of the repayment, they can keep the money repaid or loan it again.

Loan Cycle at

I think one of the special things about Kiva is the individual profile and the fact that you can see/make a different to an individual who is able to better support themselves and their family. I also believe that most people will take their repaid loans and pick another business to support so you have a chance to see your gift continue to help several small business owners.

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