June 07, 2007

Cyberkinetics - No longer science "fiction"

Guy with metallic headband

Malachi Lopez via flickr (Creative Commons license attribution 2.0)

Using an implant smaller than an aspirin, Matthew Nagle, a 26-year-old quadriplegic, can move a cursor on the screen, play simple games, etc. The current technology enables someone to type 15 words per minute, which is half as fast as the average person writes by hand but that is expected to become faster.

Stu Wolf, a scientist at Darpa, predicts the demise of desktop computers and keyboards, and we'll be wearing special headbands that will allow us to communicate without implants via "network-enabled telepathy". Think about driving a car, opening a door and alakazam it happens.

Several companies are working on and patenting systems that require no implants at all.

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And he got Naruto-style Konoha Village "forhead protector"... ^.^
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