December 05, 2008

Give the Creative Commons Survey on "Non-Commercial" Use a Whirl

I think the study exploring "non-commercial use" that Creative Commons is doing a great idea.

There are different views on non-commercial floating around and getting clarity on this issue is good for everyone and will only strengthen Creative Commons and the community. You know when to ask and when to use and when not to. It'll be obvious how to color inside the lines for the users of content and creators will be happier to share when it's clear.

Heads Up: The comments on the blog post announcing the survey almost scared me off which would have been too bad. I went through the survey smoothly and without a hitch in about 10 minutes.

Is the survey perfect? No, most aren't. A bit more pretesting would be useful.Never hurts to add an other option in a few places, or box for comments. Then if someone is exceptional there's room to explain.

Definitely looking forward to the conversation that we'll have as a community about this issue.

What do you think makes something commercial? Do the survey, read the comments on the Creative Commons blog, and feel free to leave a comment here about your experience and thoughts on non-commercial use.

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